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The Farmer's Daughter

7700 Erwin Hwy., Chucky, TN 37641

                                                             (423) 257-4650                                             

Open Friday, Saturday, & Sunday for lunch and dinner

Saturday mornings for breakfast

This restaurant is actually the reason we decided to include a restaurant review page and a restaurant list page on our site.

To put it quite simply, the place is absolutely fantastic.

You get cheerful, friendly folks to wait on you, all the food, beverage, and desert you can hold (all served family style), and a delightful country atmosphere in a non-smoking environment.

What more could you ask for? You want healthy cooking, too!?

Well, you've got it!

Head cook Dan Tyson believes in cooking healthy, too. No transfats here. His version of good country cooking won't clog your arteries, but it tastes so good that my mouth is watering just thinking about some of my favorites. He believes so much in cooking healthy (and this impressed the daylights out of us) that he goes to the extra mile and procures pure organic cold-pressed soybean oil to do his frying in. What this means for you is that your fried foods will not be greasy nor will they have that greasy taste, they will, however, be light and flavorful. Mr. Tyson does use some sugar in his recipes, and while we all know that we need to keep our sugar consumption low, I don't feel that it is of such a quantity as to cause undue concern.

All in all, enough good cannot be said about this restaurant; and everyone  we know who has eaten there agrees with us completely.

If you're ever in the Greeneville, TN area you must give them a try.